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acronym; stands for Blow Job Lips
A description of lips that are more than suitable for a great Blow Job. Usually used as an adjective to describe a desirable characteristic of females...
Ex. "Angelina Jolie has great BJL's...

Conversation Usage
Bob: "Dude, check out the tits on her!"
Chang: "Yeah dude, plus she's got great BJL's..."
by nash667 February 16, 2010
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Blow-Job Lips are lips on a girl that are ideal for giving blow-jobs.
She's got a great set of BJLs
by Boojager November 06, 2006
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Blow Job Line's

My friends and I use the acronym (BJL) when we see girls who have very distinctive lines around there mouths who we know have been active "givers."
"Dang, that ho's BJL's could put "the Joker" right out of his job!
by MariaMichelle December 13, 2007
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