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acronym; stands for Blow Job Lips
A description of lips that are more than suitable for a great Blow Job. Usually used as an adjective to describe a desirable characteristic of females...
Ex. "Angelina Jolie has great BJL's...

Conversation Usage
Bob: "Dude, check out the tits on her!"
Chang: "Yeah dude, plus she's got great BJL's..."
by nash667 February 16, 2010

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Occurs when movement of yourself or a certain objects causes a sound that mimics a fart. This usually involves chairs (or bar stools) or Velcro. The corresponding noise is then misinterpreted as a fart, and results in a awkward moment of either silence or unnecessary explanation.

Sometime only the maker of the noise realizes that they have caused a misfart and proceeds to explain themselves, thereby causing even more awkwardness.

Occasionally, especially when alcohol is involved, the misfart is actually a real fart, but the suspect believes they can mask it as a misfart.

May or may not be closely followed by a courtesy fart.
Person A: Dude i heard that

Person B: No i slipped and scrapped the chair over the marble floor, totally a misfart...

Person A: Dude, now i can smell it

Person B: Okay so i farted after, but the sound came from the chair
by nash667 February 23, 2010

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