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Beautiful from far away. A girl that looks gorgeous when she is far away, but she turns out to be really ugly after a closer look.
That girl is gorgeous! No, wait... Never mind. She's just BFFA
by Nick Nobody October 06, 2010
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best friend for awhile, or someone that you've befriended because you have to/for selfish purposes and as soon as you don't have to see them a lot they will no longer be a best friend.
kate: so how are you and the new roomie getting along?

madison: ugh she's so annoying, but she's my bffa because she always gets into awesome parties and takes me.
by ilovewithnolimits October 16, 2009
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The acronym given to your bestest friend in the whole world! A person who is there for you when you need to be cheered up or if you just need someone to be happy with you. She will do absolutely anything for you, call you out on things when necessary only because she wants you to be the best you can be. You can do the craziest things with her. She is not a sister by blood but better, she is your sister by heart and choice! You can not imagine life with out her. She is an extremely special person and only she will ever hold the term BFFAS!
"Is that your BFFAS?"
"Of Course!"
"Wow I wish I had such a good friend!"
by rubberducky12 December 15, 2012
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Black, Fat, Fem & Asian

Description you see on gay dating app for sexual preference. Somebody says "Not into BFFA" to speed up the selection process and avoid unwanted contacts.
Looking for fun. Not into BFFA.
by Billyboy13 January 18, 2017
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