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Bae for a Dae. Examples: first date, a schedule "hang out", dance date, wedding plus one, etc
Guy- "Hey girl, I'm allowed to have a plus one to this wedding. You should be my bfad."

Girl- "Oh hell yeah! I'd love to be your bfad."

Guy- "Hell yeah!"
by Filly Cheese July 11, 2016
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Boyfriend for a day. Method by which girls get sucker guys who like them to perform big favors.

Also known as: boyfriend until her house is painted, boyfriend until she's done moving.
Guy A: "Dude, where were you last weekend?"

Guy B: "I was painting the house of that girl I like. Haven't heard from her since -- looks like I was just her BFAD."
by bayrunner January 19, 2011
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Buried For A Day which is chiptune music written in the alternative/progressive rock style.
I saw BFAD live once, maybe twice.
by Bartholomew R. Ad August 15, 2013
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