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Bitch Cunt Whore. Term to describe your partner, wife, girlfriend, whatever... who cheats, lies and lives a selfish life.
My ex is a BCW
by P.F.M. May 03, 2018
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acronym for Black Cock Whore, a girl (not black) who loves black cock and only black cock
"Look at all the BCW's dancing with Jerome." or "If you're not black don't bother, she's the biggest BCW I know."
by hotsizzzle May 17, 2008
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Black Cock Whore. Any girl who loves the bbc and fucks exclusively black guys. These girls pride themselves on fucking the biggest dicks and having the loosest vaginas. If u fuck one of them, it will feel like sticking your dick in a mailbox. This breed of women can be found in high numbers at schools like Boston College.
"Who, Tory? Na man stay away from that unless u want a disease, she is such a BCW".

If u meet a girl at BC, there is a 90% chance she is probably a BCW.
by southern_pride November 03, 2009
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BCW is the abbreviation of Blue Collar Worker; 3rd class person; dumbass; strong simple skills such as hammering; or shingeling. people born with the first name Nick.
Man I'm glad we are on the boat this weekend! Shit dude, we should get some BCW to wax this fucker.
by Bubble Up March 20, 2003
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A very beautiful girl that will make you fall for her in under a month. She'll steal your heart, quickly.
Random person: "So, are you single?"
Cieara: "Nope. I'm dating B.C.W."
Random person: "Who's that?"
Cieara: "A very gorgeous girl.." *starts singing* I wanna love somebody, love somebody like you.
by 420baby;D<3 January 24, 2010
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An acronym for "Beautiful Christian Women." Pronounced "Bee Sea Dub" In real world conversation.
Bro's before BCW man!!!!
by QuesoCaliente September 28, 2009
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