literally, Birth Control Glasses. The glasses issued to new recruits in the military, so called because no girl would want to have sex with men wearing these ugly, ugly glasses.
Wow, newly shaved head and BCG's. I'll never have sex with those new recruits.
by Pork King April 30, 2003
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Boston Cum Guzzler (n)

Consultant slave who works tirelessly making better charts and graphs and guzzling the cum of his superiors. Sometimes also known as "Best Cum Guzzler."
Damn, Mike is such a tool; only a BCG would organize his porn on powerpoint.
by McConsultant September 9, 2011
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Birth Control Glasses. Generally a military term which refers to the large, blocky glasses issued to military personnel who require the use of corrective lenses.
Man, these BCGs make me look like a complete idiot.
by Nemesis April 17, 2004
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Birth Control Glasses; i.e the brown glasses issued in the US military during basic training that are so ugly and are said to be effective birth control because the opposite sex will avoid you and never do you.
by Chuckybuddy September 23, 2007
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pronounced with each letter b.c.g.s stands for birth control glasses. are glasses that differ you from gettin laid.
lol, nice bcgs.
dude get rid of those bcgs fast
by nathanael tompkins February 10, 2008
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BCG (Buttercat Generator)
when you tape buttered bread to the back of a cat... since the buttered bread always will land on the buttered side, and the cat always will land on its feet, it will spin infinitely. If the Buttercat is connected to a generator it will create a Buttercat Generator (a BCG)
How come you never pay for electricety Dan?
Oh, thats because i have a BCG in the basement
by Zamonto October 13, 2013
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