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Black Cock Bob
A Bob is a women's haircut in which the back is cut at a shorter length than the front. A group of friends in Harrisburg, Pa noticing that many white women who prefer black men, had this bob hairstyle so they coined the term black cock bob(BCB)
"Man, she has a BCB, I bet she likes black guys."

"There are a lot of BCB's in this club, if you're black, you're getting phone numbers."
by The Wolf pack February 10, 2014
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BCB is an acronym for "Bone Crushing Bitches." It is a well respected New York City girls crew, established in early July of 2006. BCB consists of tough, beautiful, classy, young women mainly of the Punk, Skin, and Psychobilly subcultures.
I wish I was a BCB girl...
by 7304BCB October 08, 2007
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Be Cool Bitch. Meant for a bitch who needs to chill the fuck out
Tammy: oh my god I think this shirt makes me look fat.

Rachael: BCB, it looks fine.
by TrannyBoyCock June 10, 2014
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An acronym for Ben's Chili Bowl, a popular Washington, D.C., landmark and excellent place to see booty, eat half-smokes, chili dogs, cheese fries, chili cheese fries, and chili burgers. Best enjoyed when blazed and drunk, which is easy since it's conveniently located near all the gully shit on U St.
damn, son, you see that thick badonkadonk at BCB last night? shit was so fly I dropped my chili half-smoke.
by redskinsbwoi October 11, 2007
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Also known as Butt Crack Boy. This acronym originated from a conversation a girl was having with a guy as they were talking about being paid for services. A miraculous idea popped into the guy's head as he tried putting money down her pants. As amazed as she was by his stupidity, she decided to establish a nickname for him known as BCB. The female version of the name is called BCG, for Butt Crack Girl.
Person 1: "Are you taking a dump?"
Person 2: "Yeah, I've lost 3 pounds already!"
Person 1: "You're such a BCB."
by Samosa Lover May 14, 2014
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