Oh! You have a BBC!
by LamaToz February 23, 2018
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British Bullshit Corporation - the British corporation that spews high quality, top class, industry grade bullshit
Get a load of BBC
by poshel_nahui_pozhalusta March 19, 2022
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Karen loves to suck on BBCs, she says they taste kind of creamy.
by BigBlackCucumber April 29, 2022
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a typically hot black guy who has such a big downstairs area *moans* BBC is short for BIG BLACK COCK yeah my friend kyis has a BBC
guy 1: "woah look out the dude with a bbc is cuming over "
guy 2: "hell yeah"
by ur.mums.ass September 1, 2022
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A BBC is A BIG BLACK COCK which means the biggest dick and its black
Carol said, "I just took a 24 in BBC in your bed last night son."
by 24in BBC March 1, 2022
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Where a woman goes for only big black cock and not for the development or

for looks or love or happiness.
"I love BBC!"
"It doesnt love you"
by TruthBeTold3 January 6, 2021
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