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BAMM!! - Unlike it's similar word definition {see bam} which sounds real pussy and does not make NEAR the impact as all capitals, two M's and two (!!) exclamation marks. THIS word is usually followed by {drops mic, exits stage} or a punch in the mouth.
"That's wut yer muther said. BAMM!!"
by The Vanilla Godzilla February 01, 2018
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Exclamation used after witnessing or preforming a burn
Person 1: Your mom stinks worse than my gym socks...
by erOhead July 23, 2003
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Beat Ass Mullet Mom: is a woman in her early 30's to mid 40's who has a mullet hairstyle and looks as if she's been on meth for the last several years. They are often found in all areas of Wal-mart on any given weekend day with several dirty ill-behaved children in tow. Any of these children being female and over the age of 13 is most likely pregnant.
Jeff: I saw those daisy dukes from behind in the freezer section and went in for a closer look and... BAMM!

Rod: Whatayamean BAMM?

Jeff: Beat Ass Mullet Mom. Man was she rough looking.
by Mutt Weiler August 12, 2010
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Bang amazingly more & more
People might confuse it with ONEMONETOPIA
Bamm on that black kid
by savageguyinbed247 November 12, 2018
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