Teddy Roosevelt- reading a biography of this man is like reading a manual on how to be a BAMF, not only did he kick ass his entire life, with such BAMFness as giving a two hour speech with a bullet in his chest, but death had to take him in his sleep because if he had been awake he would have kicked deaths ass.
by Ulfrinn January 10, 2011
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Bad Ass Mother Fucker. Someone who most likely drives a CT 2004 and is down for pretty much anything. Inspired by that silly bitch Dane Cook.
A BAMF (for instance) would not drive a Hummer 2.No because too many people already have those. They would drive something ORIGINAL. Like A cement truck with custum rims and padding in the back where friends can roll around in. That is a true BAMF!
by Lauren aka shakiki October 25, 2005
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sirius black is such a BAMF because he escaped azkaban, fooled the ministry, Harrys god father, james un-offical brother, is really sexy, is an animagas
by Fhockeybabe June 23, 2010
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1. Most commonly used to describe a "bad ass mother fucker" or someone who is cool.
2. Originally used to describe the sound Nightcrawler from X-Men emitted as he teleported.

1. My boyfriend Chad is so cool; he's a BAMF!
2. Nightcrawler teleported so quickly that only BAMF could be heard.
by Schmooglie June 22, 2006
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Originally started by marvel comics for the character Nightcrawler. Every time he transported the letters BAMF appeared. BAMF stood for BAD ASS MOTHER FUCKER!! Because thats what Nightcrawler was.... A BAD ASS MOTHER FUCKER!!!
He was right here, then next thing I new BAMF, gone!!!!!!
by Big Daddy D. April 24, 2007
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