Sound effect caused when blades emerge from Wolverine.
Wolverine: Hey bub, why dont you just back off..."
by ReZeroX November 13, 2003
The sound made when one snorts back up some snot that was dripping down the upper lip
Oooh, look, he snikt that gooey thing right back up there---
by Cedonulli November 15, 2006
shalen sure is snikt
by ScS August 21, 2003
The sound made when someone as masterful as myself makes a knife-kill in CS (or in another knife-killing situation).
newb bearing newb cannon #3,000,000: duh, imma gonna jus' run around like a chicken with my head cut off, but I should be okay with my newb-cannon in hand.

Me: ~sneaks up behind silently, or drops from above~ snikty snikt

dead newb who has now dropped newb-cannon : der, what happend?
by WuBanga May 27, 2004
The onomatopoeia for the sound produced when the Marvel anti-hero Logan/Wolverine quickly protracts and/or retracts the adamantium-coated claws mounted between the knuckles of his fingers. This word has also been written as sinkt on occasion.
Logan slowly stepped towards a group of gunmen, protracting his claws with a violent SNIKT
by Conveyedlawyer May 30, 2022