When your partner (preferable one who has given you blueballs), roommate, or drunken friend is asleep/passed out, you jizz on their eyes then twist their eye lashes in the hot jizzum and let it dry over night. Hopefully when they wake up the next morning, they won't be able to open their eyes and will think they have gone blind while you laugh and laugh.

Noun or verb, either's cool
Man1: Dude I gave my roommate Joshie a cement truck last night when he was passed out.

Man2: You're not a very good friend D-bag
by M3RDLOUNGE June 2, 2008
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What many people erroneously call a concrete truck.

"Concrete" is the rocks & gravel with Portland cement as the binding agent; the "cement" itself is made seperately and is composed primarily from limestone, shale, iron ore, clay, and fly ash.

So there's really no such thing as a cement truck, but there are plenty of concrete trucks.
Hey George! Look at that cement truck across the street! The guy fucked up and is pouring wet cement all over the neighbour's lawn!
by Telephony August 9, 2012
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When you cum in a bitches mouth, and she swishes, and swirls it around in her mouth, then she spits it on your chest, and lets it dry.
That fucking slut was sucking my cock, and decided to give me a cement truck, so I punched that bitch in her cunt
by Pervert Fireman February 18, 2010
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When a woman takes a steamy shit on am mans dick and is then then fucked by that dick.
Dude, your girlfriend took a huge mexican cement truck last night.
by Dr. Dickweed June 15, 2011
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