(n.) an acronym for Busted Out Butthole Syndrome, or in otherwords a prolapsed rectum. Frequently attributed to entirely too much buttfucking or inserting foreign objects into the colon.
Ned: When I saw Felix in the showers down at the gym, bro...well at first I thought he had a tail! Here it turns out the last six inches of his colon were hanging out his asshole!

Phil: What....ain't you ever seen a case of B.O.B.S. up close and personal?
by Blenderhead1991 May 6, 2009
For a world class tittyfuck, she let me lube her jugs up so she would have some B.O.B.s.
by Redsonjaoriginal January 15, 2015
ED: My nigga i just stubbed my fucking toe
Jerome: Why the fuck are you B.O.B.S right now it will heal
by B.O.B.S August 14, 2014