6 definitions by Redsonjaoriginal

Anything, that was the BOMB when new, but NEVER lived up to the company's expectations.
Video game consoles like the "virtual boy" or the nokia's N-Gage, might be a "good idea" in a parallel universe; but like movies on UMDs, they're only instant antiques here.
by Redsonjaoriginal October 22, 2022
Playing an Assassin role in online or other rpg games.
I like playing the Scout class in video games, which in most games if you have variable subclasses might include Assassin. Since chat filters might mistake the word “ass” for cussing we use the abbreviation “sinning” for doing the assassin’s job!
by Redsonjaoriginal February 17, 2021
Any obsessive, raging totally blind to all faults fan of obama
I work with a lot of latino bummers!
by Redsonjaoriginal December 1, 2018
Busty As Fuck: a generally surprisingly big, busty female!
I just saw a beautiful B.A.F. black female walk by.
by Redsonjaoriginal March 7, 2022
For a world class tittyfuck, she let me lube her jugs up so she would have some B.O.B.s.
by Redsonjaoriginal January 15, 2015
The biggest mistake you'll ever make.
My staying on at my current job, was an OBAMA!
by Redsonjaoriginal October 14, 2014