An upcoming rapper from the state of Kansas who also hails from Alabama and Texas. Known for his outrageous styles and witty lyrics, a rare breed since he is a midwest rapper with a southern swagger.
B DOUBLE E must be the number one rapper in Kansas. check his
by Brandon McLoyd February 10, 2009
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BEER RUN!! a concept in which alchohol is limited at a party and/or kickback. And a few drunken individuals decide to go to a Circle K or Quick Mart...Run in grab a 30 pack or two, run out, and drive away.... works every time!
Steven- DUDE!! theres only 2 beers left
Other Dude- lets go make a B-Double E- Double R-U-N
Steven- totally
by MissBarry February 7, 2005
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B-Double E- Double R-U-N.

A concept where an individual will say it out loud in order to exempt him/herself from a round of drinks. The last person to say it, is the person to get the round in, or go and get the beers from the fridge.

Usually it is said quickly by people in order to miss out on being the last to say it, and ultimately get the drinks in.
Toby: "You know what guys, i could murder a beer, B-Double E- Double R-U-N, BEER RUN"

Phil: "B-Double E- Double R-U-N, BEER RUN"
Michael: "B-Double E- Double R-U-N, BEER RUN"
Will: B-Double E- Double R-U-N, BEER RUN

James: Oh, not again. Im so slow. Who wants what?
by Zavvi October 31, 2013
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