Bed & Blowjob. A seedy hotel. The kind of place that may even rent rooms by the hour. A place you take a chick to solely for sex.
She's totally hot! I took her to that B & BJ over on 42nd and MAN in about two minutes her nostrils were flaring spasmodically in my pubic hair!
by Mo Dixley July 17, 2005
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A complementary Blow Job received to celebrate a man's day of birth.
"It's January 25th, bitch. You know what that means: a B-day BJ for' free"
by chesterchaps September 16, 2009
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sex act that starts in Bed , Ends With a Blowjob.. the right way
" I just watched Some B & BJ Porn it was Rad, Not to be confused with Cuck Or BBW
by Lyle Kellis April 24, 2022
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