Azi is the most beautiful and amazing woman in the world. She also is very mean.
by yellow paper July 11, 2010
A very very very sexy guy with amazing hair and is the best at basketball and baseball. Azi's are usually over looked because they are black.
by Trumpalingus November 17, 2016
Realist nigger on the streets, Respected by everyone and no one would dare to do suttin to man
Yo that guy’s just like azi!”
by Azi my g January 18, 2020
Azi is a vary beautiful girl she is smart and vary fun to be around azi is the best gf you could ever name of and she is the hottest girl alive.azi is the only girl I ever want to date but I fucked up and at least want a retry on her she doesn't know what I've given up to be with and she doesn't understand that I'm never going to stop trying to get with her and I don't give a fuck about her body I love her sole azi I want you back
by Aidenkennedy November 30, 2018
The sexiest person alive, totally fuckble, bad at spelling,probably homosexual, and the best at sex
Am azi gives the best head ever
by Ivan_is_a_homo November 21, 2021
Azie, she is a wonderful person, she's always there when someone needs her, her eyes are beautiful, her smile is the brightest, her face is beautiful and simply she is perfect for her future lover. She is Intelligent and yet talkative, very active in sports. She is different from anyone else that you met before, none compared and incomparable
by Ahiak December 29, 2017
It's a multi-sex name . which is okay for a girl or even a boy. Quiet with strangers . Beautiful inside and outside. Multi-talented and Music is their life. Can be describe as perfect but always single. Friendly , good listener and trusted secret-keeper. Shy outside but wild in heart!
by mia.dominic December 30, 2017