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A pointless virtual pet site for people that have no lives and wish to spend $25 - $100 on customised pixels.
Stacy: I just bred my Heatwave Melo with my Rainbow Trout Gaele on Aywas!

Jim: Who gives a f***
by yehhaa October 04, 2010
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A fairly small pet site with a little over 30000 people. It started about two years ago and has made a huge advancement. It's more unique than any other pet site including wajas, which is a terrible site. It's rather easy to make money. I've never spent a dime on it, and I don't have everything everyone else has. Most members on this site are artists, as the game mainly revolves around income through art, though you don't need to be one to play it. You can submit your own pets and colorations through custom crystals, and breed those pets with other pets on the site, for the artists to create an entirely new custom genus, just for you!(They work very hard, you know.) This site always has original ideas and avoids the norm of neopets and other sites by doing things much better. The art is a lot more sophisticated, with all sorts of types. You can even get paid for submitting your own art for site events. Once you play, it's hard to scrap your addiction to it. You can find it at!
Aywas is one of the best gaming sites out there. If you join, say user ID 21166 referred you! :)
by Aywas-Lover September 07, 2011
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