Dick in arabic; frquently used in Bankstgown, Punchbowl, Lakemba, Fairfield, Liverpol, Parrmatta, Whetherill Park, Merrylands, Granville, Guildford, Chester Hill, Bass Hill, Arn Cliff, Auburn, Brighton, La Peruse, Orange Grove, Miller, Casula, Lurnea, Fairfield West, Fairfield Heights, Bonnyrigg, Cecil Hills, And any other areas with high arab or wog populations. :)
Ayri Fik - My Dick In You :)
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lek kes emak ya ayri

ayri fik you dog
by ayri fik October 17, 2018
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an awesome girl who is hyper all the time, but is very deep on the inside. There's more to her than it seems. a name derived from the word "irie"
by asdfg6138 August 25, 2008
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a amazing person that i like to hang out with

"i love you lots"
like my amazing friend Ayris
by Kathleenrawr December 17, 2008
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Ancient english writing for "airy" but also means very high or aerial.
In Turkish it means "different".
From Shakespeare's "HAMLET":
"Truely, and I hold Ambition of so ayry and light a quality, that it is but a shadowes shadow..."

From Arnoldus de Nova Villa's alchemy treatise dated 1415:
"...and a finite Spirit, for in the world there is no other spirit to this art, and it is of an Ayry nature, which is a sign of perfection, and that it is not in Salt or Allum..."
by Bob Axx September 11, 2006
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