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Someone who is random, bubbly, blonde, and realistic. If you know an Ayme, YOU ARE LUCKY~! She will always tell you the truth, and you can trust her with anything.
person 1: Who's that?
person 2: Ayme DUH~!
by Joy-c July 02, 2011
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1) "Ayme," is the misspelled French word meaning love, "aime," and/or friend.

2) A common used first name; also, the last name of a French novelist, essayist, and playwright, known as a master of light irony and storytelling(Marcel Ayme, 1902-1967).
"What was Marcel Ayme's most recent work?"

"Ayme, love?"

"J'aime tu, Ayme."

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by SukanarxAstrum March 06, 2012
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