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The cutest girl around. She lights up a room with her smile, huge flirt! Ayelet is someone that all the boys go after. Nice to everyone. Has lots of friends but goes by the term "keep your friends close and your enemies closer".
Damn Ayelet is fine!
by kjhfkla343 March 24, 2009
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a girl with many older siblings who are usually awesome. this girl tends to wears mens' underwear due to their comfort and style.

generally required to learn several self defense techniques and other ways to defend herself because of all the harassing and tormenting that she will receive.
stranger1: ayelet is a fatty Mc. fat fat
stranger 2: careful what you say about her, she knows karate, kung-fu and has 5 older brothers who are just waiting for some loser to start with her just so that they can beat the asa (shit) out of her

stranger1: i was kidding. ayelet is awesome even if her brother fooled her about his plans to come home for the holiday!
by hermano89 March 25, 2012
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