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A very beautiful, funny, and intelligent girl. Ayane’s are the type of people with many different talents and abilities and are able to manage many things at once. They’re always either super laid back and chill or they have very back-to-back schedules and mindsets which make them very busy. However, Ayane’s seem to work better and more efficiently when their schedules are occupied. All in all, Ayane’s are amazing people and are capable of many things!
“Yo have you met the new girl Ayane yet?”
“No, but I heard she’s super talented.”
“Really? In what?”
“In basically everything.”
“Man I wish I was Ayane.”
by ayeeelmaowhatsgood June 17, 2018
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A ub3r chick from the DOA series who may not have been important in the earlier games, but pwns her sis (And all others) in DOA3. Just check her ending.
Wow dude, Ayane is so fast and her moves combo so well. Damn!
by L Robinson May 02, 2004
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The half-sister of Kasumi from Dead or Alive videogame. She is a master of the Ashura-Combat(2 short swords combat).
by Samurai Katsu August 28, 2003
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