The use of the armpit for sex.

See paraphilia
Axillism is a bizarre sexual practice.
by Mistercity August 6, 2006
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her pussy is so hairy i can't tell if a am doing axillism or the real thing!
by Don Gulliver May 8, 2003
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A weird sex position. In which you masturbate via your partners armpit
You wana get axilismed?
depends, what is it?
Spread your left arm out
by james March 10, 2003
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You're a keeper if your name is Axil. You're kind of a person who is amazing and caring that does deserve all the love and happiness that he’ll ever imagine. The most amazing bitch you'll ever meet! A best friend, and the finest one you could have!

A cool, manipulative, depressed, horny, nerdy, and lovable guy who is always misjudged. On the other hand, a dickhead and can seduce anyone's bitch. He's a bit of a mysterious mo-fo that has scars and has been broken, and just wanted genuine love and happiness. He is open and straightforward when you get to know him or when deemed necessary.
Wow, I've never met somebody quite like him! A horny bitch with a wonderful personality. He's got to be an Axil.
by sevestres August 13, 2021
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Axil is a Fun party guy in 2016

Aka Axil fuck ya girl

Aka Axil litty

Axil and Emily was fukin shit up at the party
Yo you seen axil then the party not bumpin as in axil gage bring the party fighting smoking drinking all good fun
by Laxilax September 9, 2022
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Literally the best guy you will ever meet, will be nice to you no matter what. Down to earth and knows when a person is joking, will beat anyone's ass if needed.
Friend 1: Yo this guy keeps runnin his mouth about me and my girl

Friend 2: aight Ima go full Axil on his ass where is this guy
by Umm2005 January 27, 2022
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