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Awoo is a word that mostly furries use as a replacement for the word "Howl"
FluffyDoggo97: *awoos at moon*
FoxyFox: "Hehe. You're cute when you awoo"

Awoo: /V/ Meaning: another word for howl, the sound canines make when howling

I'm also a furry and I don't mean to offend any furries out there (idk. everyone gets offended nowadays :/
by FluffyDoggo97 August 26, 2017
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a word used to show extreme excitement or enjoyment, often when having fun with friends
by JCasti January 24, 2010
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the sound wolves make when in a position of swag
guy: look our pet is about to awoo!!
wolf: AWOOOOOOO!!!!
via giphy
by OOGA BOOGA JOOGA GOOGA December 20, 2016
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An expression to identify yourself with Alex Carpenter's (of The Remus Lupins) 'wolfpack'.
Alex: Hey Wolfpack, good friday. It's the 18th day of veda. Awoo!
by Awooooooo! April 21, 2011
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Used to respond to a stupid statement, lame attempt at a joke or rambling story with no direction.
Lame friend: "I'm gonna get laid tonight"

You: "Awooooo!"
by Martin Manning January 08, 2004
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to follow by one's side; to join in, tag along; to come/go with (used in Shakespeare's play 'Othello')
Yesterday, I went a-wooing with my friends, and we decided to go the mall.
by applejax.son November 28, 2009
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1. A person who is totally beastly (amazing).
2. A common pharse used when a person wiht a nckname walks into a classroom
3. The act of doing something funny that you think about later in 7th period and chuckle.

see salad- not the sexual act.
1.Thanks for that myspace comment. It was so A Woo
2. Here he/she comes... A-Woo!!!!
3. That girl in my art class is a riot! She is so A Woo.
by collegebound December 01, 2006
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