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Adjective: A descriptive term used when a person or situation makes you feel both awkward and weird.

(ôk -wr - do)
Jen: "How'd the date go?"
Alice: "Horrible, he was a total Awkwardo."
Jen: "That bad?"
Alice: "He asked if he could tattoo my name on his dick."
by PDtrad113 August 16, 2013
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The awkward friend in every social group. He/she usually makes others uncomfortable. Always found creating awkward moments with random comments or stories.
Vincent: Hey i went to this dope ass party last night!


Eduardo: Hey i saw you in front of your house yesterday....

Adam: Dude...You're being a real Awkwardo!
by SNEAKYBANANA April 15, 2010
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someone who is really awkward in the act of doing something or saying ohh that was awkwardo.or someone is defined as the awkward police
-ahh man your being such an awkwardo

-ahh better call awkwardo cause this is really awkward
by theawkwards October 18, 2011
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