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The result when one person tries to give another a high-5, but the other person tries to give a fist bump. Once these two hand gestures meet, they form a turkey at a really awkward moment.
person 1: "Dude, we just made an awkward turkey!"
person 2: "Well, this is awkward."
by funnybunny321 September 05, 2010
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When someone (could be you too!) is awkward, put your hand straight up, and the other hand like a fist, while pulling your thumb out and twisting the fisted hand. Then, when something is REALLY AWKWARD (I mean, it really has to be... Really, don't fake it. If it's not THAT awkward, do it regularly, otherwise if it is EXTREMELY AWKWARD, then you do this:) make your hand that's making the fist move in a forward motion, almost like you're shaking a mustard container. REMEMBER: ONLY DO THIS OF IT IS REALLY AWKWARD!
Taylor: "I have a seed on my boob."
Peet: (awkward turkey)
by Peet Montzingo January 23, 2008
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Cousin to the awkward turtle (official mascot of the awkward moment) As the awkward turtle is recognized by a hand gesture, so is the awkward turkey. You hold your four fingers from one hand up behing the fist of your other hand. The hand with the fist will then stick its thumb out and wiggle it around. Go ahead, give it a try, and show it to your friends. Its awkward.
Hey lover, I have some thing to tell you, sorry I just gave you aids......At this moment you could have the awkward turkey run in.
by grpgrifire July 18, 2009
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a derivative of the awkward turtle, when one holds his/her hands in the shape of a turkey by clenching one fist with the thumb pointed outwards, and placing the other hand at the bottom of the clenched hand (wiggling of the fingers to make it look as if the turkey is moving is also acceptable).
A brotha came up to me and said let's bang. I responded by giving him the awkward turkey. He thought it was a gang sign and immediately busted his peice and said, "What'd you say to me you cracka ass bitch!?"
by ninjamann13 June 04, 2007
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gesture used in an awkward situation where only one hand is needed... take either hand with all fingers spread as you would when you place your hand on paper to trace and make a turkey, you then begin to wiggle your thumb and thus you have an awkward turkey
me and my friends were walking down the street with drinks in our hands... there was an awkward silence so i completeled and awkward turkey...
by Torey Cranston June 07, 2007
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