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Slutty, in a cute way. Often seen on Halloween.
Person 1: "Did you see her costume? Her legs never ended!"

Person 2: "Yeah, totally! That thing was awhoreable!"
by RK12 February 14, 2011
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A word used to describe something that is equal parts cute, in a non-sexual way, and overtly sexual at the same time.
That schoolgirl outfit was totally awhoreable.
by 20sidedhero December 02, 2014
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adjective used to describe a person or thing that is adorable, yet subtly slutty
Girl one: Is this shirt too revealing? There's this guy I want to impress but I don't want him to think I'm a slut...

Girl two: Oh my god no it's just the right amount of slutty! Totally a-whore-able!
by booger nipple July 20, 2016
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