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I am full of nothing but, awesomosity.
That was awesomosity at its finest.
by Groney September 12, 2004
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Awesomosity is the measure or level of awesome within a person, place, thing, thought, or idea. Awesomosity is measured in Internets, which is the standard-system unit. Although the metric system does not have an awesomosity unit, it is commonly measured in an informal unit known as the Yurop.

The formula for determining awesomosity is thus:

a= (b*(s-c)) + (g-d) - (j+n)

a= Awesomosity (in Internets)
b= Beer (in kegs)
s= number of strippers
c= number of strippers that don't completely strip down/ugly strippers/male strippers
p= porn (in
g= Number of Game Consoles and Computers
d= Outdated Game Consoles and Computers that cannot play WoW
j= Jocks
n= Nerds

It is unknown where this formula came from, but it is widely believed to have been created by a mysterious scientist/Sciamancer.
n00b: Sciamancer invented the formula for Awesomosity!

Sciamancer: And I just used it to deduce that YOUR awesomosity equals negative five!

n00b: dayamit.
by supergeniusguy November 15, 2009
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A scale to which you recall a level of awesome. usually used for like parties that are great rather than on low levels.
Dude the awesomosity of this party is like 12!
by Jiggawhut?! May 16, 2006
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