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A breathtaking, awe-inspiring, magnificent, wonderful, amazing, stunning, staggering, imposing, stirring, impressive, handsome and wonderful boyfriend. One of a kind and above all others
I'm dating an Avion and I'm head over heels
by Dr.Da March 27, 2016
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spanish for "airplane", but can be said with a french accent instead to sound classy; "Avi" for short; a trini girl who likes to wear leggings which accentuate the booty, rarely wears pants, but likes to stand out in highlighter green t-shirts. she loves justin bieber, and loves to sing opera- she does this amazingly. she makes everyone laugh, and is a true iconoclast.she likes to make up new sayings and dances that spread like wildfire.Avion is not afraid to admit a fierce love for anime and biting the bottom lip. Avion's will tell it like it is. they sometimes say random things, but this is usually followed by loud laughter that changes frequently.those lucky enough to find "avion's" and befriend them are the luckiest people in the world. Avion's are easy to fall in love with and are true friends from the start
guy 1: yo, check out shawty with the cake!

guy 2: where? the one wearing the leggings? she's a definite Avi!
Avion: chode. . . . *looks around*
by StellaArtoiss March 27, 2011
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It's a dominican word in spanish to describe a woman that have been with many guys. Avion in english means plane, air plane. A plane had lots of people, an "avion" girl too.
John: i will date Maria
Mark: are you sure? you make caught an STD, that girl is an avion

Pedro: voy a salir con Maria esta noche
Juan: te vas a tirar al avion del barrio.
by Jerobeel August 15, 2010
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something or someone who is unpleasent 2 look; also some one who is jus completely fried/cooked!
yo u mad avion
by jay224 October 21, 2009
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