A man who tends to put bullets in your chest. He/She might refer to themselves as "S-yes" and proceed to say "Putting bullets in your chest" as though it is part of a rhyme. He/She tend to go out at night unless of course they are ripped out of bed at 12 in the afternoon and forced to accompany their posse.
Shit, have you seen Avalos?" "No, it's 11.
by Daniel Ranboo April 10, 2011
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Avalos is a good and enjoyable man that is into ladys. he also is a good person in the real world but he also has some downsides like how he has a friend that has a very big basement. he also has very interesting friends that joke around probably to much. he also has a crazy side in him that makes him go crazy. overall he needs help, better friends, and a chill pill but also he is a very talented and good man in public.
Jason: hey have you seen Avalos anywhere he has gone mad
Anthony: no but I have seen in normal a while ago
Jason: that might not help
by Nice Names June 5, 2021
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An ah-Ve-Los

Refers to a bro who's actions trying to get laid come off pathetic and sad.
Asking your friends for a booty call in the middle of the night?
That's an avalos.

Giving unneeded statistics in order to impress girls whom aren't interested?

That's an avalos.

Getting upset that your sexual advances on strangers aren't working?
That's an avalos.
by DouglasBehavior February 2, 2013
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Very unique person he likes to be short most of the time has a very squeaky voice and hates people that are taller than him he is also into teaching and hates he’s students but has a great heart and worries about you if your trustworthy and very chill
by Tea CB i November 21, 2021
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He is a strong violent person who usually cares for others and is not scared of anything. He doesn't care if he is in trouble because he can take care of it. He doesn't leave his friends behind and is there for anyone.
by Idk anymore cuz idc December 20, 2016
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