When a person is walking down the sidewalk looking down at their phone. There is no human in charge of the operation of their vehicle (i.e., their body).

A Google Autonomous Vehicle is usually watching the little blue dot to see which way on the map they are moving. Once the Google Autonomous Vehicle figures that out, they can reorient themselves in the right direction towards their destination.
I became a Google Autonomous Vehicle when I punched "tapas bar near me."
by Ae5Ea8 November 14, 2015
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A term coined by economist and futurist Karl Smith to refer to cars, trucks, heavy construction equipment light duty "wheeled drones" which operate without guidance from a human operator within or outside of the vehicle.
The term driverless cars will one day sound as anachronistic as horse lessons carriage. I suggest Autonomous Vehicle as it not only refers to all classes of vehicles but can and will be easily shortened to AV.
by jls822! September 25, 2016
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