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1) Nothing beats a raw abundance of natural resources; not intelligence, not sophistication; not will-to-win; not experience.

2) Men will always choose base sensuality over other character traits.

3) In improtu beauty contests - as might be conducted at nifht club or bar - only women with larger than average breasts have a serious chance at winning.
Distracted by the conviction that Northerners were awkward city boys the Confederacy forgot that the Umion had more men, more steel and more gunpowder; and that big tits always win.
by jls822! January 9, 2015
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A term coined by economist and futurist Karl Smith to refer to cars, trucks, heavy construction equipment light duty "wheeled drones" which operate without guidance from a human operator within or outside of the vehicle.
The term driverless cars will one day sound as anachronistic as horse lessons carriage. I suggest Autonomous Vehicle as it not only refers to all classes of vehicles but can and will be easily shortened to AV.
by jls822! September 25, 2016
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A vestigal and hence slowly disappearing article of clothing intended to cover a woman's vagina. Descended from underwear, articles of clothing used to catch daily sweat and grim, and thus washed more frequently than outerwear, the panty has become obselete in the Industrialized world as most people now change and send to wash clothes at least once if not multiple times a day.

Though its shrank from knee-length briefs or knickers, the panty often comes into conflict with other intimate women's appeal including: pantyhose, garter belts, bustiers, teddies and body-stockings. Underneath form fitting clothes, the panty's tendencies to form an outline or "pantyline" is a universal concern among body conscious women in the United States and UK.

Because it explicitly covers the vagina and must be moved out of the way or moved completely before sex, it constitutes a socially significant barrier to intimacy and erotic play.
This was their seventh date and it was obvious Adam was dying to move past second base and on to intercourse. Jane yearned for it as well. Still, she couldn't just rip off her own panty without coming off as a domineering slut and Adam was far to shy to do it. Hence, they were reduced to a night of heavy petting and separately masturbating themselves to sleep.
by jls822! July 24, 2014
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