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When you are tired of telling someone you are textin autocorrect when something is typed wrong
Tyler: Humpba dead Moorhead

Adam: WHAT?!?!

Tyler: autofuck
by Autofucked March 30, 2014
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When a person cant stop fucking
Dude- My ole lady is so pissed off at me right now.

Other Dude-Why?

Dude-She says Iam stuck on Auto Fuck wanting to screw every day.
by troubledemon March 28, 2010
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when your dick is so numb from fucking all night your pelvis is thrusting in a repetitive motion from habit
Jenny: OOOOOh yeeeaaah! uh! harder!
Bob: Sorry honey, i forgot you were there, im on autofuck right now.
by trillestchic May 28, 2008
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