Someone who is autistic, who also happens to be Australian.
Austistic person: *autistic screaming*
Normal Australian person 1: What's wrong with that bloke?
Normal Australian person 2: Oh. don't mind him. He's just Austistic.
Normal Australian person 1: Hey now. Isn't that a little offensive?
Normal Australian person 2: No, he's literally an autistic Australian.
Normal Australian person 1: Ooooh, okay.
by lmperfect January 30, 2017
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Nicky when he speaks. When he is quiet he is pretty cool!

Lmao JK
Stop being a Ultra Downsyndrome Austistic Tard!
by Traumaticow February 27, 2019
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A variation of statistics in which all figures are made by an omnipotent super being who resides over the two parallel universes.
Guy: And this figure succinctly concludes that all men are pigs and will have sex with any vagina regardless of this honour code you seem so fond of.

Girl: Is that even statistically proven?!

Guy: .......It's proven through Austistics.

Girl: >.<
by NotaguynamedAustin October 27, 2011
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