A type of combination meal from a chinese Take-away aimed at lowering the amount you spend by reducing the quality of benefits you receive and service provided to you! In other words a doggy-bag of all the shitty leftovers that by law must never be handed to you but thrown on the floor for you to pick up.
"dude, i got so fucked last night! I had so little money left I had to get an Austerity!"

""I was on holiday in Greece last week. I had plentty of money but I got an austerity in a chinese like a boss!"
by SeyWhaaaaat May 29, 2012
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1) Suggesting physical hardship: imposing or suggesting physical hardship.

2) Unsmiling: grimly unsmiling, humorless, or suggesting strict self-denial.

3) Plain and without luxury: plain and simple, without luxury or self-indulgence.

4) Plain in style or design: severely plain in design or lines, without distractions or decoration.

The monks lived an austere life in the monastary.
by Jafje June 06, 2007
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The sweetest guy you could ever meet.most adorable thing ever to be born.the love of my life and so much more.he's a keeper and all mine.
My Austers loves me!
by Cassy Manning June 07, 2011
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For an individual to act hard at all times, even when not necessary. An abundance of being hard.
He has bad austerism.
You need to get past your austerism, your not hard.
by The Realist Ever December 04, 2010
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(ECONOMICS) when a government has to restructure spending by massively cutting social programs, development programs, and subsidies on basic necessities. Often accompanied by taxes increases, especially on lower incomes (since the poor cannot escape tax hikes).
Usually we use the term "austerity program" when the government in question has to backtrack on its ideological commitments. An example of this is France, after June 1982. The Socialist government of Mitterrand had just implemented a raft of major new social welfare programs, and was promptly forced to cut everything back when the deficit ballooned.
by Abu Yahya May 04, 2010
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A private central bank creates fake money by lending it to your government at interest which in turn forces slaves to pay their taxes with it.

Laws are enforced to protect this fraud.

This fake money is entirely synthetic and manipulable.

Excuses initiate new taxes that are left in place forever. Taxes justify violating privacy and other rights and establish clear slave master relations enforced with violence.

Some is shared with slaves to create dependency, enlist support, and divert attacks toward the dependent instead of the bankers.

Fake money lets them rob slaves of their savings and wages via a hidden tax called inflation which simultaneously enriches the wealthiest.

Fake money makes interest rates manipulable. Bankers can thus give low interest rate loans to their co-criminals and impose high interest rates on their competitors and the poor.

Government budgets become synthetic with no immediate real world limits. Every form of power gets cheap for the central banker and the entire society is corrupted because the honest relationship between real money and work is removed.

Even the collapse is gamed.

Owned politicians tell slaves that we have all put ourselves into a terrible mess. Now we must suffer together as we pay our bills.

Grandma gets less money than she needs to survive. Hospitals enter crisis. Weak currency and growing fraud lay off slaves who are cheated out of the funds they paid into.

These are called Austerity Measures.

Finally it collapses.
Banker-owned politician, "We're all in this together. Austerity measures are a necessary bitter medicine we'll all have to take to get out of this mess."

Greek grandmother, "I haven't eaten since breakfast yesterday."

Banker, "Don't complain lady. My 100 foot yacht might not be built before I have to flee the country."
by Danbits February 08, 2013
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The trend of shunning ostentatious displays of wealth in favour of frugal spending which you will brag about to all your friends whether you are affected by the recession or not
She won't buy organic food anymore - she says it's such as luxury - she nows shop at wal-mart for everything which is so austerity chic.
by sheikh bob frank May 06, 2009
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