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Someone who uses the AUG in Call Of Duty, and most often they are the awesome gamers but are humble about their skill; they tend to detroy the other gamers who have a stupid gamer tags like "taco" and they also obliterate the ok players who brag about thier skill (which they have little of)
it is pronounced "ogg-er"
Taco: DUde i TOTally destroyed in that game yesterday...guns guns guns.
Auger: actually u got humiliated, u know the player "buck_me_son"?
taco: ya... the guy who got me 14 times and i only got him twice... shoot stuff shoot stuff... bowy knife.
Auger: that was me
by the author452 January 10, 2012
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A steady stance male located at the rear of a woman on all fours pile driving his arm into her vagina in a twisting motion.

Thumb can be used for extra support. ( It is recommended that the thumb be inserted in the butt hole in a hook like fashion. )
J " I had her on all fours and I was behind her fingering her "

K " So you were fingering her doggy style? Who does that "

J " No No No...."

M " So you were augering that girl?"
by Mcnasty doo doo blasty February 22, 2010
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1: (v) Slang, the act of drilling a hole in the ground, side of a mountain, or any other edifice using an aircraft. Usually fatal.

2: To crash from a great height
1: Dave was flying to Denver in his Cub when he got lost in the clouds and augered into the Grand Mesa.

"Better check your fuel before the hop. If you auger in I'm not coming to ID your ass."

2: Rick was tearing along a razorback ridge in Moab when he skipped off the face and augered into the canyon below.

"Wear your helmet in case you auger some terrain."
by Fieldgrunt October 19, 2006
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To part company with a mountain bike, usually in the act of performing some reckless maneuver, and encounter the Earth at high velocity with one's face.
I was railing through those switchbacks and I totally augered!
by ayleus1 June 29, 2010
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French Quebecer word for flaming male homosexual. Typically limits itself to relations with human males, but sometimes finds himself attracted to male cows and horses.
Man that guy is one freaky auger. I've never seen someone pin down a cow like that.
by P-H-D September 28, 2006
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