When an audio, (usually a song), is pleasurable but at the same time very irritating and annoying.
Mark: Did you here the song “Let It Eat” by Comethazine?

Noel: Yes I did, it’s audful. It’s a very annoying song because of the loud bass bass and melody, but still is worth listing too.
Mark: Exactly! I’d probably play it at a party but I wouldn’t listen to it all the time.
by consaga January 19, 2019
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Aude is a French goddess. When she is present everything is good, however when she is away, nothing quite seems the same; She is the most attractive girl alive and is loved by all.
Aude just came, and it was amazingly attractive
by benette August 28, 2009
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Aude is a french queen personifying opposites. She can be the smartest person you know and the most stupid one the next, super insecure one moment and very confident shortly after.

When you meet her she is super sweet and smiley but don't think she doesn't also have a strong cut-throat side as well as a naughty one!
Damn I was not expecting Aude to be like this.
by audettr September 24, 2020
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The single most ridiculous, entirely made-up word for ears ever, often used in furry roleplays.
Her auds twitched in the direction of the sound.

He is a furry, with pointed auds rested upon the top of his head.

We wonder why people don't just say ears instead of auds.
by rabidrabbit June 28, 2006
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1 AUD will get u 77 US cents at the moment
by King Niv February 16, 2007
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1 AUD will get u 77 US cents at the moment
by King Niv February 16, 2007
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Short for Auditory, but means affirmative.

You are saying "Got it", you understood and heard them.

Similar in meaning to slang terms, word, bet, and copy.
Yo you tryna come thru to this party tonight?

aud ill definitely be there
by dynamoski December 21, 2018
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