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Aude is a french queen personifying opposites. She can be the smartest person you know and the most stupid one the next, super insecure one moment and very confident shortly after.

When you meet her she is super sweet and smiley but don't think she doesn't also have a strong cut-throat side as well as a naughty one!
Damn I was not expecting Aude to be like this.
by audettr September 24, 2020
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A female badass or dumbass, depending on her surrounds. She has three moods: annoyed, funny or glamorous. And she excels at all of them. You really do not wish to be the victim of one of her stares. Her humour and sense of style however, will leave you glad to have met her.
She did what? I mean I guess that's normal,she is Telmen after all.
by audettr November 6, 2019
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A true, but somehow quirky diva.

A Telmen has a very strong sense of fashion, so do not - under any circumstance whatsoever - bring anything ugly, or anyone badly dressed near her. Or else she might destroy it with a simple stare. But Telmen can be very funny too, though her humour might be confusing at first, because she looks so serious when she makes jokes. A hungry Telmen is also something to beware of. But if you want to find the way to her heart you should bring her food. About anything unhealthy will do.
So when she isn't hungry, no one ugly is around and you know her she can be hilarious and has very good fashion and badass life advice.
Her spirit animal is a princess sloth.
Telmen has very long and beautiful nails.
by audettr November 6, 2019
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