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A beautiful amazing sweet lovely girl that is a amazing friend. She will always treat you right if you have a Aubin hold on to her. She's loyal and very devoted and perfect wife material. She's a amazing sex partner and will take you for a ride of your life in many ways and will try almost anything ;). A aubin is very shy at first but when you get to know her she's amazing and you will never forget her. If aubin loves you keep her in your heart forever you will never regret a night out with her. You never know you might want it to turn into the rest of your life.
Jared: wow who was that girl you took home last night man?

Nick: her name was Aubin you wouldn't believe the things she did to me WOW i think i want to marry her.
by Aubieslover May 28, 2011
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Deriving from the French word Aubinou meaning a gay baked baguette. Aubin is a name usually associated with females, though the name has been used in the South-West of France for effeminate males with a peculiar sexual fetish for croissants. People with this name are often known to be rude, tell inappropriate racist jokes and are terrible pool players.
That Aubin is a real Dickhead
by Marashinator November 30, 2010
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Someone who craves attention and will do anything for it. When he doesn't get it he goes and talks to the black dog across the street. After the dog refuses to play with him he jumps on the dog and orders it bark. After this he runs to the lake and takes a huge dump in clean lake water to polute more of clean world with his peanut shaped/sized brain and his little can can.
Person 1: Dude... What's that lying on the corner of the street..

Person 2: Don't ya know?! That's the Aubin that escaped the zoo last Saturday.
by mynameisbenjamin July 29, 2009
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