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a guy who will hold your hand in public, cuddle on the couch. not only want to be physical, who is taller than you,

someone you have to be on your tippy-toes to kiss, who knows he never has to buy you anything to bring you happiness, a guy who doesn't care what people think about you. who will not let his friends talk bad about you. who will just love you for you. Somebody that sees you at your worst but loves you anyway, somebody that is willing to talk about anything with you whether its serious or just joking, somebody who actually cares about how you feel without expecting the same back, somebody that is just willing to love. somebody that when ever you feel low they sit by you, helps you cry rather than telling you to shut up.
I fell in love with Atiq
by ellenthomas76 February 13, 2013
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Is a person who lives they're life trying to make others happy. They can adapt to anything, in whatever situation they manage to bring happiness to peoples lives. This is someone who is really friendly and is loved by everyone, never has a tear in they're eyes and is always strong and independent. An Atiq is a very rare person so if you know somebody who is known as Atiq then hold onto them and never let them go.
"You know you have a purpose in life if your an Atiq"
by JonB_dtl88 November 12, 2011
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