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Atasha is a sweet,cute,beautiful,attractive ,kind,sassy AMAZING girl that loves to do sports, and sometimes lazy ,And is really crazy too. But whenever she goes through depression she might be suicidal. Atasha is one of those precious,special Girls out their who cares about her bestfriends and she makes jokes alot to cheer than up. Atasha is just being her ,and she may change her personality in any way ,but she's trying to find her way being more than just an Ordinary girl.
#Atasha4Life #Sassy #Goals #Beautiful #Amazing
by SamanthaTheSavage_Not April 22, 2018
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When you leave work and just decided to not come back
Employee # 1: Bro I'm starving. Imma go lunch.

Employee #2: Are you gonna pull a Tasha?

Employee # 1: Lmaooo nah bro I need the hours

::Employee # 1 doesn't come back::
by MANDAPINGUETS December 19, 2018
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