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She's the most AMAZING person you could ever meet. She listens to you when you have problems and tries her best to help. She's someone who you can rely on at all times. She can be really crazy but, that's cool because she's really unique and it's almost impossible to find someone like her. She can be so hilarious at times and she can make you feel unique. Some days she'll be in a bad mood and will just need someone to be there for her so you'll need to be that person if you want her trust. She's a loyal friend who's always got your back and is just awesome to be friends with :) She's the best friend you could ever have ^_^
Me: What the heck are periods?
Atalia:..............You don't know what periods are?
Me: Aren't they mood swings that girls get every month?
Atalia: Lmao, nooooo
Me: Then what are they?
Atalia: You SERIOUSL don't know????
Me: Nope, I seriously don't
Atalia: Omg....Well, it's when blood comes out of a vagina cx
Me: O.O That's...........interesting
by -cirE April 02, 2013
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Beautiful amazing gorgeous mexican girl with nice straight hair beautiful chinese eyes and a loving personality hard not to love
that person has an Atalia characteristics nice sweet person.
by Arerreh February 02, 2010
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Atalia’s are one of the most beautiful girls in the world. They are known as princesses. They are nice smart pretty and sassy. If you get on their bad side.....let’s just say that’s a bad idea. Atalia’s have a lot of friends and cares about all of them a lot. Atalia’s are loving girls who needs to have love in their life and friends and family in their lives. Atalia’s can have your heart in a heart beat!
Boy 1: “Did you see that girl, who is that?”

Boy 2: “Bro that’s Atalia, she’s gorgeous

Boy 1: “I wish she was my Atalia”
by Chloe Elissa October 24, 2019
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