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Loud, funny lesbian with a passionate love of mess and tories. You will find a wild Atalanta among the beans and garlic mayo in Morrison's. Cheap wine will win the heart of an Atalanta.
"I'd like to get a new hairstyle, Marie. I want it bold, loud and I want it to show my bubbly personality."

"Oh! I know! Get an Atalanta!"
by jennnyy from thee blockk June 08, 2018
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a wonderful girl with beautiful curly brown hair and dazzling brown eyes that have golden specks in them. she is very nice although she can be quiet and shy at times but she is VERY loud and crazy with her friends. she loves to try new foods and loves to cook. she also loves action movies and will happily watch them with you (especially "james bond"). she can be annoying at times although her sibling(s) will think that she is ALWAYS very annoying. she tends to have crushes on very idiotic people (or at least that is the way she thinks about it), the fact that those people are idiots makes her feel really dumb, she is never quite sure why she likes a specific person but that's just how it is sometimes. she likes to write but she has a hard time doing it if it's assigned. she loves to read, she loves reading fantasy or any type of fiction for that matter because "it is an escape from reality." she is a smart girl but she isn't great at showing it, she is also very bad at math. she probably wears glasses because she reads very late at night with low light which has most likely ruined her eyes. she hates exercise
person 1. why does that girl atalanta wear glasses?
person 2. because she is always up late studying or reading and by doing that she has messed up her eyes
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by I'm under the troll bridge September 10, 2018
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