Such a sweet girl, a total doll. Probably of an Italian background. Curly brunnette hair and darling chocolate-colored eyes. A bit on the religious side, but you respect her for it. Always stylish and lookinig cute, even when she's out jogging. Athletic and super focused, loves her friends with all her heart (which is HUGE). Is up for anything.
A: Hey did you just see Assunta jog by?
B: Yeah, and she's looking fiiiiine
by savmoone August 25, 2011
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An entity, that usually originates from the south of the country, who is uneducated in the semantic field of colloquialisms. This being manifests a curiosity for indigenous words; and often, like a deer in head-lights, is stunned upon hearing modern day lexis.
Person A: Yo bled, you good my g?
Assunta: You don't speak the English my papa taught me, what is this lingo?
Person A: Classic Assunta.
by yehyehbigshaq June 16, 2018
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