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Cancer of the ass, usually caused by sitting on your ass for long periods of time. Many RuneScape nerds get this type of cancer and need chemotherapy. People known with ass cancer: Telmomarques, No Excuses, Fredmcgarry, and Rens.

Ass cancer stages:

Stage 1 - Wanting to not get up from your chair for days

Stage 2 - Twitching of the gluteus maximus

Stage 3 - Black hole appears inside of the anus and sucks in all organs causing the person to die in a matter of seconds.
Did you hear about Telmomarques getting 120 dungeoneering?
Yeah, sadly he developed stage 3 of ass cancer.
by Evil Exit August 29, 2010
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A particularly high-frequency and malodorous case of bad gas. Most often occurs among males, in the company of multiple other males, and usually after a night of heavy beer drinking. Also known as butt AIDS.
Group of guys, nursing hangovers in front of TV, playing video games. Suddenly, a stomach-turning smell wafts over the room.)

"Ahhhh! Who did that? It's awful!"
"Sorry, dude. I've got a bad case of ass cancer today."

by Spalding Smails April 15, 2008
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its when you have cancer, in your ass
Doctor: "you have ass cancer."
The Man Who Could Sit Anywhere: "ass cancer?!?!?"
Doctor: "it's uh... when you have cancer in your ass."
The Man Who Could Sit Anywhere: "oh my god, how could this happen?"
Doctor: "Think - have you been sitting anywhere radioactive lately?"
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by homieijustfuckedyomomma October 26, 2017
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Spelunky. Fucking game is trash.
Oh no, I have AssCancer. Oh wait nevermind, it's just the trash game Spelunky.
by Puji69 October 10, 2016
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