If you know a Rens , you`re very lucky. He is a kind and caring guy, sometimes a little bit stuborn and angry easily.
Thats mainly because he is really insecure and overthinks alot of the time. He will put 100% effort into things he loves. He will never admit it but he feels lonely alot of the time and really likes to be around his good friends. Every now and then he needs sometime for himself though, just to think and give himself some rest.
He gets hurt very easily because he takes thing way to personal. When hes mad, he can be stuborn and be really rude. He says whats on his mind and that isn't away the nicest. But in the end he is a great guy with a golden heart.
Rens is one of the best guys i know!
by JaneVicky December 3, 2018
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A nice fellow wich often has a drinkin problem. He's very cool and knows how to be happy to other people even when they hate him. Watch out for the knock out when he slams tho.
That probably was the fault of Rens.
by Paulus dn beste June 19, 2020
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Rens is a god of daggering. He even has his own day, dagger Thursday, it happens every Thursday of the year. In the club he always acts like a thirsty hyena and even though his hips and daggering skills get declined he always makes sure he gets to fuck.
Girl 1: OMG! This guy’s hips don’t lie.

Girl 2: He should be a Rens!
Girl 1: Yes, last night he daggered me like a king!
by Hunneyss August 12, 2020
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A male most likely dancing with shaggi. You can detect him with his sick dancing skills and muah looks. (Nohomo)
Look at that bot.
Its not a bot its rens dancing with shaggi.
by Vleesjurk van lady gaga February 4, 2016
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He was (Rens)

by xlovexz October 29, 2019
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rens is a little sweathard. he is pretty smart but not to smart. he likes girls who are kind and loving. he can't hurt someone because he is just to kind. he can sometimes be a little wierd but manages to still make lots of friend. he can also have good grades but isn't a huge nerd.
Rens is super pretty don't you think
by Rensje February 28, 2019
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