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A sex fiend.

A guy or a girl who will pretend to be interesting, or pretend to care about what you say and think just to get laid and then will never talk to you again.
Becca: Omg, and he told her he was into her music and he likes cats and he is a volunteer for Peta.

Kayla: what an ass trap
by KAYLAHARRINGTONWINS November 26, 2009
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A slutty man who wears lots of cologne and gold jewelry to lure in the ladies
Did you see Juan's new beard?! It's hot! That dude is such an ass trap!
by toughkitty April 03, 2005
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When you're so concentrated on a nice booty that you don't realize the chick sees you checking her out
Ryan: *thinking to his self* "DAYUM BOY!!! That is a nice ass if I do say so myself!"
Fine Female: *turns around and sees Ryan taking a peek*
Ryan: *again, thinking to him self* "FUCKING YIKES IT'S AN ASS TRAP! ACT LIKE YOU WEREN'T LOOKING!" *awkwardly looks around*
by RADsLife February 28, 2017
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When a persons ass is so big that you find it hard to breathe when you're eating it out
Andres: I had to stop eating out her booty

Josh: Why?
Andres: It was too big and I just couldn't breathe

Josh: She got that ass trap
by blueTenor June 22, 2016
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