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Colder than fucking cold, So cold that the wind feels like a willow switch to the ass
It's like when you go into the northern woods for a few hours to hunt. When you get back up to go home you have to look behind you and make sure your ass wasn't left behind. That is ass cold
by Ryan strap-on October 16, 2008
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Chronic Diarrhia or other lower GI issues
Dude what's the matter with you, this is like your forth trip to the bathroom this morning?
Dude I can't shake this ass cold.
by Ashley Gough October 23, 2008
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Ass cold is a term which describes the degree of coldness. If anythings described as "ass" then it's the most intense. Less intensive coldness can be described as "butt cold" , "dick cold" or just "cold" however, "ass cold" is the worst of them all.
I don't want to go anywhere today, it's ass cold outside.
by Bailmaninmo January 01, 2019
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