When one is so high on marijuana.
'Ass high' is a stage of high greater than 'I'm feeling it', and greater than 'I'm high', but less than 'I'm fucked up'.

The term 'ass high' is often used in conjunction with the word 'Nigga' when referring to someone who is ass high.
by Gloryboy811 November 7, 2012
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the state after doing drugs up your ass hole. usually someone would light a joint with their farts then inhale it through their anus. but it is also common to snort drugs like cocaine up, reaching farther than the rectum, on occasion.
person 1: "Oh, man i like, really have to take a shit."

person 2: "Shut up, you retard. If you need to go then just go."

person 1: "It feels kind of funny. I think I might of had some bad granola."

person 2: "Whatever... just don't go if you're ass high. It's too dangerous."
by alfred dickcock August 23, 2012
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When you have smoked yourself to the point were you forget your own fone number, laughin at anything and everything in a monotone laugh
Random Girl: So wats your number
Me:uhhhhhhh... wyatt wats my number
Wyatt:hold on ill check my cell
Random Girl:You Two Are Total High Asses
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High Ass - Adverb.
Pertaining to one who has smoked marijuana to a point where they are not coherent with their surroundings anymore.

- May also pertain to a "stoner" who has given up on their ambition to do things that are productive and/or proactive.

Common Uses - Insult.

- Term of endearment (if said to by a friend)
Jordan: "Hey, dude!"
Tyler: "Sup, nigga"
Jordan: "Let's go to the gym to work out for a bit."
Tyler: "Uh, I don't know man.. Maybe in like an hour or something.."
Jordan: "Why not, bro?"
Tyler: "I'm a little bit baked right now, man."
Jordan: "It's only 2 o'clock in the afternoon, and it's Tuesday."
Tyler: "Yeah bro, my good."
Jordan: "God, you high ass!"
by ChristophDK2 February 11, 2012
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Someone who thinks too highly of themselves; doesnt want to waste their time hanging out with friends deemed infearior.
Jen is too much of a "high ass" to spend time with us!
by vicsecret October 13, 2010
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one who does stupid shit only because they're high.
friend one: i bought a dime bag with a $20 and the dealer gave me $11 change. i watched him count his bills 5 times before he did this.
friend two: his dumb high ass....
by caspertheghost May 26, 2009
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A term that describes the taste in your mouth from coughing on the smoke of a cashed bowl.
You are smoking a bowl and you think it is cashed, when you go to suck it through you hit it really hard trying to clear it but there is more there than you think, then it finaly sucks through and you start to cough on the smoke. Your mouth is stained with the ass taste from the end of the bowl but you are super high from coughing...High Ass Taste!
by ~*KDIZZ*~ May 11, 2009
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