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Small shit-soiled pieces of toilet paper that become tangled in ass hair.
"I've got a nest of Ass Cookie Susan, so before you toss the salad let me go shower"
by Nate_Ona February 21, 2007
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" leftovers that come from not wipeing yr ass correctly or a mean nickname for your best friend/ bf/gf/lover!!
Y Dont you just go to hell u u ass-cookie you

Dude, you still have ass-cookies in yr boxers lmao
by dizzles wifey 09 July 29, 2009
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A cookie that has been placed between one's asscheeks for a period of time, 5mins to a half hour,once ass juices are absorbed the cookie is then strategically placed for an unwitting victim (normally a fat asshole)to find and eat.
That fat bastard Dimitri has been acting like a real dickhead, so i put and ass cookie on his desk and watched him eat it.
by YoungBronson September 22, 2010
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An English spin on German slang (Arschkeks)

1. Someone or something that is a pain in the ass.
"Dude! Why you gotta be such a damn asscookie!?!"
by Katy H. M. August 23, 2008
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When your eating out a girl's b-hole and you find a cookie shoved up in there
Person 1: I was eating a girl out last night and I found an ass cookie!
Person 2: really? Awesome!
Person 1: I know right? Talk about 2 birds
by Anonymous527 October 07, 2013
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A scatists reference to a chunky gold nugget of poop which brings a fleeting moment of sexual joy
"This ass cookie has brought me a fleeting moment of sexual joy."
by dux0r2 March 22, 2010
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